Did you ever wonder how a seawall is built? On this page, you will see step-by-step how a new seawall is constructed, and the specific steps we take to make sure your seawall holds up ‘for life’ year after year, in spite of the conditions.  Each image has a caption that explains the step. See for yourself why Sapp Seawalls enjoys the reputation for building ‘Seawalls For Life'.

Excavate Anchor Holes
Install Hardware And Place Rebar In Anchor Hole
Anchor Concrete Placement Complete
Cap Forms Erected And Ready For Rebar
Concrete Being Placed In Cap Forms
Finish Concrete
Seawall Complete
Excavations Complete
Ready To Pour Concrete
Sheet Piles And Horizontal Form Whaler Installed
Cap Forms And Rebar Ready For Concrete
Vibrate Concrete To Insure No Voids
Seawall Complete
Dock Repairs Completed
Install PVC Sleeve And Anchor Rod
Fill Anchor Holes With Concrete
Cap Forms Ready To Be Assembled
Concrete Pump And Ready Mix Truck
sLevel Off Concrete To Top Of Forms
Seawall Complete
Seawall Complete