Guide To Seawalls


The oversized cap was designed to replace an existing cap which is in poor condition. The large cap is designed to extend further down the face of the existing seawall than the previous cap. (Normally 24" deep on the front side.) Therefore reducing the load on the seawall panels as much as 50%.

The new cap is to be connected to a system of new anchors spaced 10 foot on center.

When properly installed on a seawall with no horizontal cracks and good ground penetration, it can extend the life of the structure 20 years or more. The new cap and anchors should last 50 years.

This system only supports the upper portion of the seawall. This will leave the wall prone to midpoint or mud line failures.

The cap & anchor should last 50 years, but the lower portion of the seawall may not last as long.

New cap should only be installed after determining the seawall panels are in good condition, and still have adequate penetration.

The new cap anchors should be installed & tightened prior to removing the existing cap.  New anchors should follow the same guidelines as secondaries, but be spaced 10 foot on center.

If the owner elects to install a new cap using existing anchors which is not recommended because the cap is only as good as its anchor system, then the price should be about 1/2 of the price of a new complete cap and anchor system.

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