Guide To Seawalls


This repair system is the same as a normal beam and anchor system, but is used in cases where a new cap is necessary. The existing cap is removed after the beam & anchor system is in place.  Then a new cap is installed using the existing anchors from the previous cap.

In a lot of cases this repair system covers enough of the most common problems that any future work should not be expected for 20 years or more.

The new cap is relying upon the existing anchors for structural support.  The existing anchors should be at least in fair condition. In cases where the existing anchors are in poor condition and cannot be relied upon, then it must be determined if the new beam can be totally relied upon for structural support of the seawall.

Owner should compare cost of this repair to cost for a new seawall, in many cases the cost for a new seawall installed in front of the existing seawall is about 25% more.

Follow the same guidelines as a new beam and anchor system.

The existing seawall cap should not be removed until after the beam and anchor system is in place.

Before choosing this repair, it should be determined if the existing seawall has adequate penetration into the ground.

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